AOL Hacked Account Recovery Number : 1-833-335-7999 Toll Free

There are various warning signs that you will get while using AOL email account which would tell you that there is a possibility that your account has been hacked. In the same way there are various steps that you have to follow to confirm that actually you are suffering from AOL hacked account and further you have to take action to recover your account. The best thing that you can to do is change the password immediately. Once your password is changed the hacker automatically loses the access. In case of hacked account without much delay you should immediately contact a support company who would help you to recover the account instantly.

aol hacked account recovery


  • ‘We have detected unusual activity on this account’, this type of messages would get generated due to some suspicious activity this would also lead to AOL login problem. So you should understand that these type of messages should be taken seriously.
  • If any person complains that they are some mails from you but you know that those emails were not sent by you then it is really time to get worried and take help of our team who would out the actual matter.
  • Suddenly you may find that there are some mails in your Sent, Drafts or Outbox folder that you didn’t create or send then you should understand that your account has been hacked and hence you should immediately contact AOL technical support team for help.
  • People in your Contacts list are telling you they are receiving strange email from you, but you do not find any strange email in your Sent Folder. This also indicates something suspicious so you should contact us in our number and take help to resolve it.
  • If you suddenly find that emails that you are trying to send are suddenly getting refused and returned to you then it may be because of some reason so in that case, you should immediately contact AOL customer service team and ask help from them.

These are some of the warning signs that has to be taken seriously because these signs would indicate that you are having AOL hacked account. If you find anything strange in your AOL email account, then the first thing that you must do is change the password. This will simply block whoever has hacked your account. It is also recommended that you change the security question for your account. You must always mix numbers and symbols while setting the password as this would make your password very strong.


  • First of all, visit the login page of AOL and try to login if you find that you are unable to do so then that means that you are not entering incorrect password.
  • In the next step you should click on the link of forgot password as this will help you in AOL password recovery.
  • Then you have to answer the security question that you have set while you have set the password for that particular username. If you have forgotten the security question, then you have to follow some other steps of recovery.
  • If you remember the security question, then you have to answer it so that you can proceed with other steps of recovery.
  • Then you will find “General account information” there you have to click on change your password. This will help you reset the password.
  • Next you have to enter your old password in the top box and the new password in the bottom two boxes.
  • Finally click on save. This will save your changes and now the new password is the password that you have to enter while login in the account.

These are the steps that will help you to reset the password when you face AOL hacked account.